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InfaCare Baby Bubble Bath: Frequently Asked Questions

Mild and gentle InfaCare baby bubble bath has been specially formulated so not to irritate your baby’s delicate skin.

Find out more from these FAQs…

Q: Why is it important to bathe my baby using special baby toiletries like InfaCare?

A: A baby’s skin is 10 times more delicate than adult skin. That’s why InfaCare is formulated to be as natural and gentle as possible.

Q: How does InfaCare protect my baby’s skin?

A: InfaCare is clinically tested to make sure it does more than just gently clean your baby’s skin. It contains emollients that soften and soothe a baby’s skin.

Q: How is InfaCare different from other bubble baths?

A: Many shampoos contain Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, a cleanser that is mild but can dry out your skin. Ultra mild InfaCare does not contain Sodium Trideceth Sulfate so it is even more gentle on your baby’s skin.

Q: InfaCare has a pH-balanced formula. What does that mean for my baby?

A: The pH balance is the scientific way of saying how acidic or alkaline a product is. Many shampoos are made to be slightly acidic because alkaline solutions can damage hair and make it look less shiny. InfaCare is specially pH balanced so it matches the natural pH balance of your baby’s skin and hair.

Q: Why is InfaCare better than other baby bath products? Who recommends it?

A: Look at social networking websites like Mumsnet and you’ll see that midwives and other hospital professionals regularly recommend InfaCare. We sell more than a million bottles every year.

Q: How much InfaCare should I use each time I bath my baby?

A: InfaCare is great value - a little goes a very long way! One bottle should last you for months. You only need a small squirt (7ml/half a tablespoon) in 9 litres of warm water. So a small bottle (400ml) is enough for 57 baby baths and a large bottle (750ml) will provide 107 baths.

Q: Where can I buy InfaCare?

A: Lots of places! InfaCare is widely stocked by supermarkets and other high street shops. You can also buy it online. Find out here where to buy InfaCare.

Q: What’s the best way to bathe my baby?

A: InfaCare is soft and gentle so it’s safe and easy to use. Read our simple step-by-step to bathing your baby.

Do you have more questions about InfaCare baby bubble bath? Contact our expert team for more help.







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